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Kachin State lies in the northernmost tip of Myanmar with snow-capped mountain ranges and temperate forests. Places of interest in this state consist of Myitkyina, MyitSone (confluence), MoGaung, Indaw Gyi Lake, Bamaw and Putao. There are airline services from Yangon and Mandalay to Myitkyina, Bamaw and Putao. Road and railway links are modes of transport in Kachin State. The only railway line between Mandalay and Myitkyina stretches 372 kilometres. On the way to Myitkyina by train, travelers will pass through Ywa Htaung, a noted place for silverware. Three hours later or some 117 kilometers away from Mandalay, there lies ShweBo. They will see vast fields of groundnut, sesame and red pepper. As the train moves on, very dense teak forest and bamboo groves come into view. Then emerges Kawlin, which is half way between Mandalay to Myitkyina. The train passes through paddy fields and passengers get lots of fresh air.
        From Kawlin, the railroad starts climbing the hills. The next station is Naba, a railroad junction. From Naba, the railroad branches out to Katha. Bamboo groves, watermelon farms and teak forests lie on both sides of the railroad.
        The Travelers then arrive at Nanshaung, which is on the border between Sagaing Division and Kachin State. After passing a small water channel, the train enters Kachin State. Then comes MawHan, which was the battlefield of Japanese and Wingate's Chindits during the Second World War. The Japanese War Memorial Pagoda is on top of the hill. Panoramic view of green and dense teak forests can be seen in this area. The train moves very slowly from this area to MoNyin, the next station. What are common in the area are green paddy fields, plantations of lychees, oranges, grape fruits, chestnuts and pears. After passing Hopin, Sarmaw and MoGaung, the delightful journey by train ends at Myitkyina, which is the gateway to the jade land.
Jade Mines are at PhaKant where there is road link from MoKaung and Hopin. From Myitkyina, excursion to Indaw Gyi Lake can be arranged. It is located 178 kilometres southwest of Myitkyina. The Lake is near Nanmoren Village in the area of Hopin. Sarmaw is also famous for the battle fought between the Allied and Japanese forces during the Second World War. The famous Ledo Road of World War II is situated in the area. From Myitkyina visitors can tour MyitSone, the confluence of MaiKha and MaliKha, the source of the Ayarwaddy River. In Kachin State, Putao, MachanBaw and SumPraBum are beautiful mountain resorts. Gold mines can be seen at Nanma and near Bamaw.

        MyitKyina is the capital of Kachin State. From MyitKyina, visitors can tour the confluence (MyitSone) of MaiKha and MaliKha, the source of the Ayarwaddy River. There are regular flights from Yangon and Mandalay to MyitKyina.

        Puta-O is another town in Kachin State surrounded by snow peaked mountains. It is cool the whole year round and there are many varieties of citrus fruits grown in the orchards. It is the nearest town to the base camp for climbing Mt. Khakhaborazi (5889 metres), which is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in Southeast Asia. There are regular flights from MyitKyina to Puta-O.

Manaw Festival

Kachin, the hill people or the Scots of Myanmar, celebrate Manaw festival. It is one of the most popular festivals in Myanmar. The festival is usually held in January. This festival has been held for more than three decades. Manaw festivals is the celebratation of the New Year, Victory in battles, reunion of the tribes etc. Everybody joins the spiritual dance lined up behind one another. The traditional Manaw poles are decorated in colorful Kachin motifs and are centered in the middle of the festival ground. All who came to the festival wear their best traditional costume and the main feature of the festival is dancing around the erected Manaw poles, quite similar to the totem poles of North American Indians. Manaw festival is held in Myitkyina and Putao in Kachine State.

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